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Journal Articles and Conference Papers
Reading First Thessalonians as a Consolatory Letter in Light of Seneca and Ancient Handbooks on Letter-Writing.
          D. Luckensmeyer and B. Neil, authors.
         New Testament Studies, 60.2 (2016, Cambridge Jounals), forthcoming.


Religious Conflict in Fifth-Century Rome: Methods of Avoidance and Escalation.
         Journal of Religious History, Special Issue, submitted, under review.


Early Monastic Dream Literature in the School of Alexandria
         Journal of Early Christian Studies, Special Issue, submitted.


Dreams and Dream Interpretation in Fifth-Century Alexandria:  Dreams as an Approach to God
         Patristica, (in Japanese), forthcoming.


Studying Dream Interpretation from Early Christianity to the Rise of Islam
         Journal of Religious History 39.2 (2015) doi: 10.1111/1467-9809.12262


Traces of Theosis in Synesius of Cyrene
         Phronema. 2015, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p19-36.


Divine Providence in Gregory of Nyssa and his Theological Mileu
         Phronema. 2012, Vol. 27 Issue 2, p35-51.


Crisis and Wealth in Byzantine Italy: the Libri Pontificales of rome and Revenna
         Byzantion. 2012, Vol. 82  p279-303


Displaced Persons: Reflections for Late Antiquity on a Contemporary Crisis
          B. Neil and P. Allen, authors.
         Pacifica. 2011, Vol. 24  p29-42


Imperial Benefactions to the Fifth-Century Roman Church
          B. Neil and P. Allen, authors.
         Pacifica. 2011, Vol. 24  p29-42


Models of Gift Giving in the Preaching of Leo the Great
         JECS. 2010, Vol. 18:2 p225-259


"The Blessed Passion of Holy Love": Maximus the Confessor's Spiritual Psychology 
        Australian E-Journal of Theology. 2004, Issue 2     
The Western Reaction to the Council of Nicaea II 
        Journal of Theological Studies . 2000, Vol. 51:2  p533-552       


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